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Buy whisky at competitive prices

At DrankDozijn you have plenty of choice from a large assortment of the best whiskies. Choose your favorite whisky from different countries, flavors, brands and price ranges. In our webshop you can not only find the better known whisky brands, but also the more special and exclusive kinds. Want to buy nice whisky for a fair price? That is what DrankDozijn is all about. Below you will find our extensive assortment of whisky, directly available for purchase here online. Want to know more? Click the button 'more info'.

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Ample choice of all the best whiskey- and whisky brands

Drinking whisky is like exploring a world of whisky. There are many different flavours and brands that exist, originating from many different countries. Are you a beginner starting the whisky exploration? Preferably choose a brand from one of the better known whisky producing countries, like Scotland. Other well known countries are Ireland and America. Did you know whiskey from those last two countries is written with the extra 'e'?


Choose a whisk(e)y that suits you

There are big differences in whisky flavours. Generally speaking there is no such thing as a 'better' or 'worse' flavour. Depending on your own preferences you can find a whisky that best suits your flavour profile. Here at DrankDozijn we've devided our whisk(e)y in 4 different flavour profiles: 
  1. Light & Floral
  3. Fruity & Spicy
  5. Full & Round
  7. Powerful & Smoky
 On our special Whisky flavour map you can find which whisky brands suit which flavour profile.


Want to buy good whisky? Simply order it online

Looking for whisky? In the DrankDozijn webshop you'll find a wide range of the best whiskies. Choose your favourite brand or flavour and easily order it online. At DrankDozijn you profit from a low price and quick delivery. Did you order your whisky before 17:00 hours? Then we'll ship your order the same day!*

 Do you have questions or remarks? Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.